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Petri dishes with micro-biome artwork

Microbiomes: Connecting Communities

Microbiome artwork

Why is the microbial world endlessly fascinating? How does art magnify the super-small and what does that look like? There is perhaps no better way to answer these questions than an exhibit that displays artwork capturing the beauty, elegance and wondrous intricacy of microbes and microbial ecosystems. And this beautiful exhibit is taking place right here at Oregon State University.

The Microbiomes: Connecting Communities exhibit is open to the public until May 12, and displays art shaped by collaborations between science and art, the paint brush and the petri dish, the microscope and the canvas. Featured artworks highlight how the intricacies of microbial systems connect us more deeply to global cycles, communities, and/or concepts.

The exhibit takes place in Nash Hall, room 234, Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm.

This is a curated exhibition and features art by students and faculty/staff that captures the theme of interconnectedness between micro and macro worlds and perspectives. The displayed artwork explores a range of relationships between art and microbiology research.

The event is part of SPARK: A Year of Arts + Science, a yearlong celebration of the interaction between the arts and science. The exhibit is generously supported by the OSU Department of Microbiology.