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Graduate Academics

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Your program of coursework as a master's or Ph.D. student is jointly decided by you and your Graduate Committee. We have a set of learning outcomes we require of all our graduate students. In your first year, you will take a sequence of core courses. You will also have substantial latitude in choosing additional microbiology courses and courses in other colleges and departments that are pertinent to you program.

Microbiology courses

As a microbiology graduate student, your courses will set you on a strong path for a successful career in the field. A core set of courses build foundational skills and familiarize you both with the history of microbiology and the latest in current research. You then work with your graduate committee to tailor an academic program to support your research interests by taking additional courses in microbiology and related disciplines.

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M.S. program

The master's of science in microbiology program aims to train you in critical aspects of microbiology, including exposure to modern thinking and techniques in microbiology and virology. We offer both a thesis and non-thesis options. The curriculum includes a set number of courses and either the completion of a research-based thesis or a capstone synthesis project a for non-thesis degree.

Ph.D. program

This program aims to train you to independently develop and conduct original research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in microbiology. Attaining a Ph.D. is based on demonstrating proficiency in current methods and techniques in microbiological research and in communicating research findings to a scientific audience.