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Online Courses & Online Degree Program

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Microbiology offers a wide variety of Ecampus undergraduate courses. Students looking for a deeper dive can choose to complete the Ecampus biohealth sciences major, while students in other majors wanting to gain a background in microbiology can look to the Ecampus microbiology minor. Many of our diverse, fully-online courses are also available to students from other institutions, and all of them are taught by our award-winning microbiology faculty.

Online Ecampus biohealth sciences major

Explore how biological science is applied to human health and society, and gain the knowledge and skills you need to pursue a variety of careers by earning an online B.S. degree in biohealth sciences!

Earn a B.S. in biohealth sciences online 

Online microbiology minor

Earning a minor in microbiology provides a fundamental understanding of the discipline of microbiology and its laboratory techniques. You can select a general area of study or choose from specialized topics such as immunology, virology or human health.

Learn more about the Ecampus microbiology minor 

Ecampus courses

Students can elect to take a variety of flexible, fully-online Ecampus courses taught by award-winning microbiology faculty.

Transfer students

Whether you're transferring from a community college or a four-year institution, we have the resources to help. Nearly 30% of students in the College of Science are transfer students, many of whom have quickly integrated into our vibrant microbiology community.