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Pernot Microbiology Camp

High school students in the Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory as part of the Pernot Camp

The Pernot Microbiology Camp is an experiential learning program for historically underrepresented or underserved students interested in a STEM career.

During this week-long immersive science camp high-students will learn about three subfields of microbiology including, Food System Science, Human Health and Disease, and Aquatic Microbiology. Students will conduct microbiology focused laboratory experiments, learn critical science skills, go on field trips, and hear from diverse speakers across the field of microbiology about career avenues and opportunities in science, technology and education.

The 2023 Pernot Camp was a great success!

Thank you for everyone who made it possible.

Please check back here for news on next year's camp in 2024!

Join us in July!

This year we will focus on environmental microbiology with trips to the Hatfield Marine Center and Animal Aquatic Health Laboratory planned as well as a Soil Microbiology module. We will still have shorter modules on human health and food microbiology.

To register, please visit the STEM academies website below and click the register button.

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Savanah Leidholt


Sunni Patton