Dr. Theo Dreher, March 11, 5:30-6:30 pm in LINC 128How a Degree in Agricultural Sciences in Australia Led to Teaching, Research, and Administration in Microbiology at Oregon State University.  OSU Senior Mortar Board Honor Society, Last Lecture.

FEBRUARY 13 LPSC 402, 3:00 PM Dr. Chris Curtin  Tasty Microbes
ALS 4000, 3:00 PM Stephen Noell  

Low Nutrient Concentrations in the Ocean Limit the Functioning of
Regulatory Systems in Marine Heterotrophic Bacteria

    Dr. Veronika Kivenson
Impact of Anthropogenic Waste on a Deep Sea Microbial Community:
A Metagenomic Approach
MARCH 12 LPSC 402, 3:00 PM Tentative Undergrad Seminar  
APRIL 9 ALS 4001, 3:00 PM    
APRIL 23 LPSC 402, 3:00 PM    
MAY 7 LPSC 402, 3:00 PM    
MAY 21 LPSC 402, 3:00 PM    
JUNE 4 LPSC 402, 3:00 PM