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Teaching Experiences for BioHealth Sciences and Microbiology Undergraduates

Teaching Experiences for BioHealth Sciences and Microbiology Undergraduates

Qualified undergraduate students have the opportunity to have first-hand experience with peer mentoring and classroom instruction, under the guidance of a faculty member. Teaching assistantships can provide valuable opportunities for practicing skills such communication, empathy, professionalism, as well as working with others different from oneself. In addition, undergraduate teaching can provide a valuable review opportunity of fundamental concepts being taught in the course/lab.

Paid positions

Fully paid teaching assistantships for undergraduate students are advertised through the departmental newsletter for BHS and MB majors, as well as advertised through the OSU job website.

Earning credit

Opportunities also exist for students interested in a combination of partial pay and credit.

MB 406 Academic credit

  • Students must have successfully completed the course (or a similar higher level course) for which they will serve as a TA.
  • A maximum of 3 credits may count towards the BHS or MB major requirements. Additional credits may be used towards general elective requirements.
  • Students are required to pay for the number of credit hours registered.
  • To receive credit for being a TA, students must register for MB 406 after receiving approval and an override from the TA Coordinator, Dr. Linda Bruslind (
  • MB 406 credits are graded A-F.
  • Each credit requires 30 hours of work associated with the undergraduate teaching experience. Duties may include working directly with students, assistance in managing in-class activities, record keeping, laboratory preparation or clean up, training/tutelage from the faculty mentor, and more.
  • In addition to the duties listed above, an MB 406 student must submit a written product to be decided upon in conjunction with the faculty mentor and submitted by the end of the term. The written product could consist of a short paper reflecting on what was learned, a teaching experience journal, or suggestions on new activities or ways to improve the class.
  • Undergraduate TAs enrolled in MB 406 credit are paid an hourly rate for the time that they spend grading. Every TA must apply for the TA position and successfully complete FERPA training.