The MGSA of Oregon State University aims to adhere to the following objectives:

  • Promote the professional development of graduate students
  • Build and strengthen the graduate student community within the department
  • Facilitate outreach and science communication
  • Advocate and support microbiology graduate students within the department, College of Science, and
    College of Agricultural Science as well as the university



President, Mary K. English Co-President, Grace Deitzler Secretary, Alexandra Phillips Social Chair, Jessica Buser
I am a grad student in Ryan Mueller's lab. My masters work looks at the relationship between the oyster microbiome and animal health, and my PhD research tests the influence of different stressors on the eelgrass microbiome and plant health. Once I'm done with school, I'd like to continue in research. I am a 4th year PhD candidate in Maude David's lab originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I'm studying the gut-brain axis in two model systems: in honey bees, and in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorder. I'm interested in the intersection of art and science and try to actively engage with both! I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up yet but I think as long as I am doing science in some capacity I will be happy. I am a Master’s student in the David lab, I study novel gut microbiome targeted therapeutics in the context of Austism. When I’m not working with mice in the lab, I like to play board games with my friends and family. I especially like a game called Throw Throw Burrito. When I grow up I want to study cures for neuro-degenerative diseases.

I am a Ph.D. Candidate with Dr. Rick Colwell and my research focuses on defining the microbial diversity of the subsurface within glacial outwash ponds and the role the microbes play in global element cycling.  My aim is to strengthen our understanding of the link between iron redox processes and anaerobic oxidation of methane within freshwater sediments. 

 Journal Club Chair,
Benjamin Americus
 Grad Rep to Faculty Meetings,
Kelly Shannon
 Outreach Chair,
Savanah Leidholt
I am a PhD student in Jerri Bartholomew's lab group. My work at OSU seeks to under-stand how microscopic parasites, called myxozoans, infect wild salmon. "When I grow up" I want to do what I'm doing now but (hopefully) better! I'm a masters student of microbiology in Dr. Rick Colwell's lab. I'm from Lake Oswego, Oregon and I did my undergraduate at OSU in microbiology. I am studying the microbial communities found in beaver ponds in northwestern Alaska. After my masters is over I want to go into industry, but am currently undecided into what field of microbiology I want to go into. I'd like to get experience in biotech or government research, before returning for a PhD in the future. I am a Ph.D student in Rebecca Vega Thurber's lab. My research focus is to use 'omics techniques and informatics to study novel viruses in marine vertebrates. Currently, I am working on a debilitating disease of tunas and mackerel called Puffy Snout Syndrome with collaborators at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In the future, I would love to be in charge of my own lab group at a research institution teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists.