Dr. Kenton Hokanson, Instructor and Research Associate;
Director, Electrophysiology Core Facility

Office 334 Nash Hall
Phone 541-737-1840
FAX 541-737-0496
Email kenton.hokanson@oregonstate.edu
Ph.D. Neurosicence, U. of California, San Francisco

Research Interests: Neuroscience

Courses Taught:   MB 230:  The impact of microorganisms on health, food/water sanitation, environment, industry, and genetic engineering;
BB 407H: 
SEM/Learn to love your lying eyes and brain.


All of the wonderful things our brains do, from visual perception, to coordinating our movements, to memorizing the lyrics of a new song, depend on the electrical activity of neurons.  I study how these electrical signals are generated and transmitted, and how they drive communication between neurons connected by specialized structures called synapses.  To do this, I use a technique called electrophysiology, which involves placing tiny electrodes near or inside individual neurons to record their behavior with remarkable sensitivity.  As the Director of the Electrophysiology Core Facility, I am working to bring this technque to the many other neuroscience laboratories at OSU.


Hokanson, K., Davis, G. and Ullian, E.  2018 in review.  Interplay of synaptic competition and homeostatic plasticity in the developing mouse visual system.

Despande, A., Yadav, S., Dao, D., Wu, Z., Hokanson, K., Jan, Y., Ullian, E. and Weiss, L.  2017.  Cellular phenotypes in human iPSC-derived neurons from a genetic model of autism spectrum disorder.  Cell Reports 21(10):2678-2687.

Exteberria, A., Hokanson, K.C., Dao, D.Q., Mayoral, S.R., Mei, F., Redmond, S.A., Ullian, E.M. and Chan, J.R.  2016.  Dynamic modulation of myelination in response to visual stimuli alters optic nerve conduction velocity.  J. of Neurosci. 36(26):6937-48.

Krencik, R., Hokanson, K.C., Narayan, A.R., Dvornik, J., Rooney, G.E., Rauen, K.A., Weiss, L.A., Rowitch, D.H. and Ullian, E.  2015.  Dysregulation of astrocyte extracellular signaling in Costello syndrome.  Sci. Transl. Med.  7(286):286ra66.


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