Dr. Hannah Rowe, Assistant Professor

Nash 434
Nash 426
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Email hannah.rowe@oregonstate.edu
Education Ph.D. Wayne State University
B.S. Michigan State University

Research Interests:   Interactions of Influenza A viruses and Streptococcus pneumoniae in pathogenesis

Courses Taught: MB 434/534: Virology; MB/BHS 340: Human Virology (eCampus)


The Rowe lab studies acquisition and shedding, the first and last steps of a successful pathogen lifecycle, of bacterial and viral pathogens of the human upper respiratory tract.  Using both bacterial (primarily Streptococcus pneumoniae) and viral (primarily Influenza A virus) pathogens of the human upper respiratory tract, the lab investigates how those pathogens interact with each other and with the members of the nasal microbiome in pathogenesis and transmission. Understanding these interactions can suggest why some people have uncomplicated influenza disease, while others end up hospitalized with secondary bacterial pneumonia, and why some people are more likely to transmit Influenza A virus than others. Other interests in the lab are to determine if other respiratory viruses likewise interact with respiratory bacteria in pathogenesis and transmission, and the role of co-infecting respiratory viruses on the transmission and invasive potential of opportunistic bacterial pathogens that colonize the human upper respiratory mucosa.  Additionally, as Influenza A viruses also infect birds, an understanding of interactions of avian Influenza viruses with the avian microbiome could lend insights into the influenza transmission cycle in wild and domestic birds.


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