Dr. Michael Kent was presented with the Outstanding Steward of Zebrafish Award by the Zebrafish Husbandry Association  (ZHA) at the annual meeting at Aquaculture America 2018 in Las Vegas in recognition of his many years providing training and research in support of the health and welfare of laboratory zebrafish. The ZHA is an international organization devoted to “promoting and developing zebrafish husbandry standards through education, collaboration, and publication” and is comprised of research and veterinary professionals, facility managers, and representatives from aquaculture supply and biomedical companies. Dr. Kent has organized the zebrafish disease session of the ZHA annual meeting for the last ten years and is the director of the Mount Desert Island Zebrafish Health course, an annual program dedicated to the training of laboratory animal health veterinarians, technicians, and facility managers working with zebrafish colonies in a research setting. In addition, he has taught at several workshops and training programs internationally including Buguggiate, Italy and Lisbon, Portugal. Research in his laboratory is primarily funded by a grant from the Office of Research Infrastructure Program of the National Institutes of Health and is focused on the transmission, characterization, and control of pathogens in zebrafish.