Nash’s ‘Radar O’Reilly’: Longtime building manager keeps watch over labs during campus shutdown (Read Full Article)!

In Nash Hall, the Department of Microbiology has 30 labs spread over three floors. Decades’ worth of samples and specimens are housed in dozens of minus-80 degree C freezers throughout the building. In some cases, researchers’ entire careers depend on those frozen cultures. If a freezer suddenly malfunctioned, all would be lost.  But have no fear:  Cindy Fisher is here.




The OSU Department of Microbiology directs inquiries about COVID-19 to experts at the CDC, and for more information OSU policies, to our COVID-19 update site:  Oregon State CoronaVirus  

The OSU Department of Microbiology is an internationally recognized program with expertise in a broad variety of disciplines, including viruses, microbial interactions, microbiome science, animal and human health, and environmental science.  In our laboratories and classrooms we teach and apply advanced technology in data science, and molecular and cell biology.  In response to the COVID-19 epidemic our activities have shifted to remote teaching and training to minimize staff presence in our facilities.  We are using this time to plan for changing national priorities in microbiological sciences.  Further information about people, activities, and opportunities with the department can be found on other pages of this website.  

The main office is closed.  Please contact your instructor(s) with questions about your courses.  Please contact Mary Fulton, if you have questions about the department or programs. 

Packages will be delivered to CHEMSTORES  154 Gilbert Hall, 2100 Monroe, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331


 The Department of Microbiology made a donation of masks, gloves, and gowns to local hospitals in need of PPE for COVID-19 protection for healthcare workers.