Stephanie Rosales, Ph.D. Candidate, Dr. Vega-Thurber Lab


 rosales   Office Nash 452
 Phone 541-737-7793
FAX 541-737-0496
Education B.Sc. Marine Biology

Research Interests:  I am a Ph.D. graduate student and NSF Fellow.  I previously attended Florida International University where I graduated summa cum laude with a B.Sc. in marine biology.  My passion for marine conservation and curiosity about microbes has led me to investigate the viruses associated with cetacean and pinniped stranding events.

Awards:  NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, April 2012.



Vega-Thurber, R., Burkepile, D.E., Correa, A.M., Thurber, A.R., Shantz, A.A., Welsh, R., Pritchard, C. and Rosales, S.  2012.  FL Intl Univ., 7(9):e44246.  DOI 10:1371.  Macroalgae decrease growth and alter microbial community structure of the reef-building coral, Porites astereoides

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