This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate/graduate student research team based on merit of the proposed research. The students are to fill out the attached form, including a budget, 1 page proposal and signatures of the students and faculty member supporting the research. The research proposal should be prepared collaboratively. The Department of Microbiology is committed to supporting diversity in research and strongly encourages applications from underrepresented and/or first-generation students.

As the donor intends to provide support to both the undergraduate researcher and graduate mentor, the budget can include travel support for either or both students, undergraduate salary and money for supplies (and other costs if justified). We expect to be able to fund 4 projects at $1,800 each this year (2020), then one project at $1800 for subsequent years. We hope that the students will be able to use this as leverage for travel funds from the College of Science and Graduate School.

Proposals are due March 1 and awards will be made by April 15 to allow research summer term. Requirements of the award are a thank you letter to the donor and either an oral presentation at an undergraduate research colloquium, poster presentation at the MSA research symposium Spring term, or at another department venue during the year in which the award was received.