transferMost of the general information about the Microbiology Program can be found in the college catalog and Microbiology majors checklist.

Please note that a campus visit can be scheduled through the Office of Admissions.

Information about new student orientation can be found in the New Student Programs & Family Outreach office.

Transfer Students If you are attending an Oregon school and you want to know how your courses will transfer to OSU, check out the Transfer Course Search developed by the Office of Admissions. You can evaluate the transferability of credits and generate a report.

Select Transfer Credit under the Transfer Tools heading

Click on Single Course Search to start the search

The website may not settle all transferability issues.  If you believe that you have taken a course that should count for a requirement but is not the same number or is not on the articulation table, you can contact the Head Microbiology Advisor, Dr. Linda Bruslind, 541.737.1842.

Baccalaureate Core Requirements.

Microbiology Program Requirements Checklist.

If you took Organic Chemistry at a community college and you would like upper division credit at OSU, you will have to take a test from the Chemistry Department.


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