The Pre-Medicine option in microbiology includes courses recommended by medical schools for preparation for the standardized MCAT tests, as well as microbiology courses that focus on disease-causing organisms and the body's response to such infectious agents  The option also includes a selection of elective classes to enhance a student's understanding of illness and the human body, outside of the microbiological perspective.  Courses used to satisfy the Pre-Medicine option requirements also satisfy the Upper-Division Microbiology Electives and Upper-Division Microbiology laboratory requirements in the Microbiology major. Several courses may also be used to satisfy areas of the baccalaureate core.

Required courses (10 credits)

BI 109. Health Professions: Medical (1)
PSY 201 and 202 *General Psychology (3+3)
SOC 204. *Introduction to Sociology (3)

Microbiology courses (select at least two 3 credit courses below in addition to courses taken above):

MB 416. Immunology (3)
MB 430. Bacterial Pathogenesis (3)
MB 434. Virology (3)
MB 480. General Parasitology (3)

Microbiology lab course (select at least one 2 credit lab course below in addition to courses taken above):

MB 417. Immunology Laboratory (2)
MB 435. Pathogenic Microbes Laboratory (2)

Other electives (select at least 7 credits from the courses listed below, in addition to courses taken above):

ANTH 383. Introduction to Medical Anthropology (3)
BI 420. *Viruses in Modern Society (3)
H 312. *HIV/AIDS and STIS in Modern Society (3)
H 320. Introduction to Human Disease (3)
H 425. Foundations of Epidemiology (3)
HST 415. Selected Topics [Illness in America: 1492-1850] (4)
HSTS 417. *History of Medicine (4)
PHL 444. *Biomedical Ethics (4)
SOC 350. Health, Illness and Society (4)
ST 352. Introduction to Statistical Methods (4)
Z 431. Vertebrate Physiology I (3)
Z 432. Vertebrate Physiology II (3)