The Pre-dental Club is representative of students interested in the field of dentistry. We encourage any students interested to sign up to join the club regardless of their major! Some common majors of current members range from a variety of different majors within the College of Science, although students from other colleges contribute to the club's members as well.

  • We plan to hold two virtual club meetings per term via Zoom
  • Join our email list to receive updates about upcoming club meetings and events, and gain helpful pre-dental resources! 
  • Meetings are focused around learning more about dentistry, networking, planning and having fun!
  • The club generally hosts a couple guest speakers per term (dentists, dental school admissions representatives, panels, current dental students, etc.).
  • This club provides a great support group for students throughout their undergraduate education. 
  • Feel free to check out our Facebook.
  • Membership fee:  N/A for Fall Term 2020 (details will be discussed during the first meeting).”




Faculty Advisor
Tiffany Bolman

Kaleelah Muhammad
Senior, BHS


Tiffany Tep
Senior, Biology

Volunteer Coordinator
Avery Esau
Junior, Biology

Head of Club Marketing

Edyn Pilkington
Sophomore, BHS

Emily Mach
Senior, BHS

Outreach Coordinator

Ayle Armstrong
Senior, Biology

Outreach Coordinator

Sydney Mansour
Senior, BHS