As part of the collaboration with The Arts Center|Corvallis on the upcoming Art Show:  Microbiomes:  Seeing the Unseen, Microbiology graduate students are participating in a series of outreach activities with local elementary schools.  Grads will work with resident artists to create hands-on demos that link the science of microbiology with art projects for students in local elementary schools.  The students will use what they have learned about microbiology to create artwork reflecting their interpretations of the microbial world.  The artwork will be included as part of the final art exhibit at The Arts Center|Corvallis this spring.

BLODGETT ELEMENTARY: Graduate students Wei Wei and Stephanie Rosales (recently graduated) visited 4th and 5th graders at Blodgett Elementary to teach about microbiology.  Activities included a presentation and discussion about microbes and their importance to life on earth as well as why scientists study them.  Students looked at pond water microbes using microscopes and created their own Petri dish art that illustrated what they saw.

ART CAMP at The Arts Center|Corvallis
Graduate students Becca Maher and Juliette Ohan volunteered at the Friday Art Camp at The Arts Center|Corvallis.  The Art Camp was organized by resident artist Victoria Wills and nine children participated in the camp as part of a no school day art/science camp.  Becca gave a presentation about her work on coral microbiology research and showed photos from her field work projects.  She brought in SCUBA gear for students to try on.  Students drew different animals they might find in the ocean.  Juliette demonstrated the science of diffusion using skittles on a plate to depict how microbial compounds move through an environment.  Students also looked at pond water microbes using microscopes, and then created their own Petri dishes using watercolors.


LIBERTY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  Postdoc Dr. Armanda Roco volunteering at a 5th grade class at Liberty Elementary School.   The students learned about pond microbes and viewed them under the microscope.  They will be working with artist Cheryl French to do a 3D art project related to what they learned, which will be put on display April 28th at The Arts Center|Corvallis.

LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  Microbiology graduate students Wei Wei and Claire Howell explained to 3rd Grade students what they do as microbiologists.  Claire connected her research on the protozoan fish parasite Ichthyopthirius to some of the concepts the students were learning about frog and salmon life cycles.  Wei discussed what it means to be a scientist and the types of research they do.  She talked about her research on Agrobacterium that can naturally genetically modify plants.  The students looked at real pond microbes under microscopes.  The third grade has also been working with resident artist Victoria Wills on stop motion videos to show microbial movement anatomy, feeding, motility and defense strategies.  These videos will be part of the final microbiome art exhibit at The Art Center|Corvallis this April.