FryerABOUT:  The John L. Fryer Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory (formerly Salmon Disease Laboratory) is a regional fish disease facility dedicated to the study of organisms infectious for salmonids and other species of freshwater fish.  The laboratory is named for Dr. John L. Fryer, who pioneered the fish disease research program at Oregon State University.  Research at the facility is conducted by investigators across campus on a variety of aquatic species.

The AAHL was constructed through a grant from the Bonneville Power Administration and is supported by the Department of Microbiology, the College of Agricultural Sciences, and the College of Science.  The 9,000 square foot facility provides both wet and dry laboratories.

NOTE:  Tank rental rates are subject to change.  New rates are effective as of July 1, 2019. 





Innovations for Developing Nations.  Students from senior design course BEE 469/470 Biological and Ecological Engineering Design, have been testing their design prototypes for grid indepedent aquaculture pond aerators intended for developing countries. Read More


Who Pooped in the Water?  is a question ususally reserved for public pools or stand up comedy.  At the AAHL, Lauren Brook is testing the rate at which agricultural fecal contamination is broken down by microbes in water bodies like river and ponds. Read More

Fisheries Research's Best Kept Secret.  This year's Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society conference held in Seaside, Oregon was an opportunity for AAHL to tell researchers and fisheries managers about the new and improved facilities and services available for a variety of aquatic research needs.  Read More



Net Zero Fish Research Facility Receives Huge Incentive.  The OSU Sustainability Office and the John L. Fryer Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) were presented with an energy incentive check from the Energy Trust of Oregon.  Read More