The mission of the Department of Microbiology is to provide:

1.  Fundamental research training for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students who will become future leaders in science, medicine, and industry;

2.  A learning environment that excites and informs undergraduate majors and non-majors about microbiology and the many ways that it is relevant to everyday life; and

3.  A service for Oregon’s citizens, government agencies, and industries that require expert advice about microorganisms and the roles they play in our health, economy, and sustainability of our natural resources; and

4.  Research that advances the frontiers of knowledge in the field of microbiology



Through our two undergraduate majors, Microbiology and BioHealth Sciences, the Department is committed to provide a transformative education through the following elements:

1.  Provide compelling and relevant undergraduate courses that teach science literacy for all OSU students and provide the fundamental knowledge for our majors to succeed in their careers.

2.  Provide training through innovative, non-conventional coursework that stresses inquiry-based learning.

3.  Provide opportunities for students to participate in research.

4.  Prepare our majors for future careers or further educational opportunities for under-represented minorities and for students with diverse life experiences.

6.  Improve the timely progression to graduation for majors of all backgrounds.

7.  Offer teaching facilities that provide a learning experience appropriate for a top tier research university.



We will train a diverse group of students so that they will have the necessary tools to succeed and become leaders in the industry research institutes, governed agencies, and academia through the following elements:

1.  Provide a compelling and relevant Microbiology curriculum that will train students at a high standard of scientific literacy and impart appropriate skill sets.

2.  Provide exposure to a diverse scientific community where there are increased and equal opportunities for under-represented minorities and for students with diverse life experiences.

3.  Provide personalized mentoring and the necessary support for students to progress to a timely completion of their Masters and PhD degrees.

4.  Provide facilities and resources commensurate with a top tier research university so that students can gain valuable skills and compelling learning experiences.

5.  Develop alternative avenues for graduate education to provide opportunities for a diverse student population.



We strive to obtain national and international recognition of our faculty by encouraging them to build strong, externally funded research programs.  The Department will continue to support opportunities for developments that will bring benefits to our research activities.  To maintain and expand our vigorous participation in research, the Department strives to:

1.  Provide state-of-the-art research laboratory facilities and equipment.

2.  Recruit new faculty, hiring the most talented applicants who also have the potential to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the department and contribute to OSU’s strategic plan in the following areas:

Environmental Health
Marine Studies
Data Science
BioHealth Sciences
Natural Resources Stewardship
Integrated Systems Biology
Synthetic Biology

3.  Mentor new faculty to help ensure rapid establishment of a well-funded research program and innovative participation in teaching.

4.  Leverage our strengths in environmental and pathogenic research to build collaborative relationships with other units at OSU.

5.  Disseminate and promote research results to the public.