This art plus science was a collaboration between OSU's research community and "The Art Center | Corvallis" that culminated in an exhibition from April 13 to May 27, 2017.  The project focused on microbial systems that affect human health, biodiversity of animal species, and air, earth, and water quality.  This exhibition asked both artists and researchers, How Can We See the Unseen?  Microbiology tries to measure, visualize and understand complex microscopic systems in the same way artists seek understanding for life's many questions.  Through this exhibit, the arts documented and interpreted complex research concepts and offered a unique perspective to both the public and the scientific community.

The exhibition included invited and juried visual artists, and included a performance of music and poetry created in response to the theme.  For more information on:

The inspiration for the show Small Beauties

The show and people involved:  Microbiome Exhibits BLOG from the “The Arts Center|Corvallis”.

The show's background, visit “The Arts Center|Corvallis”.  Link to news blast video. 

For what young artists learned about microbiomes and the videos and artwork they created, visit Microcosms

Poetry is available as a Chapbook

Catalog of artwork