Corvallis Campus Currently Operating at Level 1

     Note that the Research Office is still operating under Stage 3 restrictions. This means that room occupancy remains limited in Nash Hall. Masks are required unless the personnel request an exception by showing their supervisor proof of vaccination. Social distancing needs to be maintained.

     New guidelines for research resumption in the Department of Microbiology are rapidly evolving. During the next several weeks we anticipate scaling back up to full occupancy. Personnel with concerns about returning to work in the building should discuss options with their supervisor.

College of Science Research & Travel Resumption Policies

State of Oregon County Baseline State of Oregon County Phase 1 State of Oregon County Phase 2 State of Oregon County Phase 3

March 2020 Operational Level
No onsite non-essential activity
Remote instruction only
OSU buildings closed

Limited in person instruction
Small groups only with approval
Further reduced density
Previously restricted return
Limited in-person instruction
Small groups only with approval
Further reduced density
New normal environments

What to do if you are COVID-Positive or think you might be:

Please use this link to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about OSU’s COVID-19 Safety & Success plan.


Operational Levels: The Operational Levels are given in the chart above.  A change in Level status will be communicated immediately via email by the Department Head. Specific changes affecting activities and personnel will be communicated in that email. The full Operational Plan for Microbiology is available in BOX “‘Micro COVID-19 Planning- COVID-19” folder.

Nash Hall is essentially locked. The Nash East entrance will only be unlocked on Wednesday afternoon from 12:45 to 3:30 pm.  All other entrances will remain locked.  Floors 2-5 are currently closed to the public. Additional information specific to the Department of Microbiology is given here:

Our building manager is Cindy Fisher. Cindy will be on site Monday-Friday 7:30am - 4pm. Contact: email or text/call her cell at 541-619-6665. If an emergency, please call, don’t text.

Entrance into Nash is through the east entrance (across from ALS) and access to an upper floor is via the eastern stairwell or elevator. Exit or access to a lower floor is via the southern stairwell and Sackett Road/Nash-LPSC carpark doors. In Fall term, students with a class in 033 will exit at the west entrance at ~3:50pm Wednesdays.

Communication: All students, staff, and employees are encouraged to communicate any questions or concerns to any of the department's COVID point of contacts (POCs). If confidentiality is of concern, then please contact Mary Fulton ( who will forward an anonymous email to the POCs. Contact information for Primary Unit COVID POC: Steve Giovannoni ( and Secondary Unit COVID POCs: Sascha Hallett ( & Kim Halsey (




      • Please contact (email) your advisor for help with course registration and program planning. Use this link for both MB & BHS advisors Schedule Your Appointment | Department of Microbiology | Oregon State University
      • Please contact your instructor by email for course-specific information. Instructors will respond within 24 h during the work-week.
      • All Microbiology and BHS courses are Remote or Ecampus. Delivery format can be found in the Schedule of Classes, listed under “Attributes”.
      • Jen Olarra ( is the COS COVID Care Ambassador, trained to support a student through resource referral and consulting with the Student Care Team. Support and coordinated care will be provided for students who are directly impacted by COVID-19.
      • We *encourage* students to reach out if they're struggling for some reason or have issues. We know that sometimes contacting professors and advisors can be difficult or intimidating but it is very helpful for the instructor, who probably knows otherwise and will be able to assist by helping students find resources or simply providing flexibility in deadlines. Many instructors are really grateful when students reach out and trust them enough to share that they're having problems.
      • Student meetings may be held in Nash Hall provided pre-approval is received and groups are no more than 10 (Nash 206). These meetings need to be held Monday-Friday between 7:30-4pm, reservations must be made, and all attendees must be documented for contact tracing. Please liaise with Cindy Fisher to coordinate room door opening and closing. Meetings may be held for up to 2-hour periods.  
      • Meeting and study spaces on campus are available by reservation.  Click here for more information:                     


Face Mask or Cloth Face Covering are required in all common spaces in Nash Hall (hallways, stairwells, restrooms, breakrooms, and anytime a room or laboratory is occupied by more than one person).  In hallways, please keep to the right side and do not gather.

Restrooms One occupant at-a-time only. To signal occupancy, the door to the restroom must be closed. When leaving the restroom, the door will be propped open using a doorstop. Signage gives instructions to users. Students taking the Crop and Soil Science Laboratory class in the Nash Hall basement will be directed to use the restrooms on the 0 and 1st floors.

Room Occupancy: Floor capacity is currently targeted not to exceed 33% of total MB employees. Signs on each room door indicates the maximum number of people allowable for that space for Operational Level 2 and Level 3. (For example, Pernot - 3 people, Nash 234 - 2 people, Nash 404 - 4 people). We recommend meeting in an outside space when possible.

Health: All members of the MB/BHS community should take care to self-assess their health status on a daily basis. Information about self-screening assessments and symptom reporting is given here:  (

Shipping and mailing:  Please refer to the downloadable document found at this link:  Printing and Mailing

Lab coats: clean lab coats can be obtained from the rack in the washroom (3rd floor, room 332) and dirty coats placed in the laundry bag by the door. Access is Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

Glassware may be taken to the third floor, Room 332, for dishwashing Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.


Department of Microbiology COVID-related research activities

Members of the Department of Microbiology are leading the TRACE project for Oregon State University to help determine the prevalence of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID, in the Corvallis, Bend, Newport, and Hermiston communities.