RORY WELSH, Ph.D. Candidate




Research Interests:  My research focuses on an unusual group of predatory bacteria, Bacteriovorax.  Bacteriovorax prey exclusively on a wide range of gram negative bacteria, including many known pathogens.  These bacteria have a biphasic lifestyle which consists of an attack-phase:  fast, free-living, highly motile predators; and growth-phase:  the intercellular non-motile replicative cells.  I am interested in studying the role of Bacteriovorax in altering or maintaining the structure and the function of mcirobial communities that exist on and within living organisms.  Recently, I had the opportunity to take part in a research expedition in Antarctica with fellow OSU researcher Dr. Andrew Thurber, to study soft sediment benthic communities.  My main research goal was to add a targted metagenomics approach to the microbial ecology aspects of the Antarctica research project.  I was also able to sample for previously undetected strains of the unique Bacteriovorax predators while SCUBA diving under the ice.