Dr. Linda Bruslind, Senior Instructor II


linda b photo Office 322 Nash Hall
Phone 541-737-1842
FAX 541-737-0496
Email bruslindl@oregonstate.edu

B.S. University of Arizona, Microbiology

M.S. University of Arizona, Food Science

Ph.D., Oregon State University, Microbiology


Research Interests:  Improved Teaching Techniques

Courses Taught

MB 110 Microbiology Orientation
MB 201 Laboratory Skills
MB 230 Introduction to Microbioloogy
MB 230H Honors Introduction to Microbiology
MB/BHS 255 Allied Health Microbiology

MB 299H Microbes in the Media
MB 302 General Mcirobiology
MB 303 General Microbiology Lab
MB 435 Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory
MB 440/540 Food Microbiology
MB 441/541 Food Microbiology Lab