Mailing Address Department Phone and FAX

Department of Microbiology
Nash Hall 226
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR  97331

Phone:  541-737-4441
FAX:     541-737-0496

Department Head

Dr. Stephen Giovannoni

Administrative Assistant to Department Head

Mary Fulton

Lead Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Linda Bruslind

 Microbiology Advisors

Dr. Linda Bruslind:  541-737-1842
Dr. Allison Evans:  541-737-5968

BHS Advisors: 

Alex Beck:      541-737-5414
Tiffany Bolman:  541-737-5710
Dr. Kenton Hokanson:  541-737-1840
Dr. Shawn Massoni:  541-737-7020

Chair of Graduate Admissions

Dr. Kimberly Halsey

Chair of the Graduate Curriculum and Affairs Committee

Dr. Martin Schuster