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Oregon State University Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

EHS assists departments in maintaining a safe and healthy university environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors. They provide training, consultation, and various safety and health services, such as occupational health and safety, and research safety. EHS hosts four committees that oversee and provide policy recommendations to improve university safety.

Oregon State University Safety Manual
Environmental Health & Safety Training and Services
Environmental Health & Safety Forms and Documents

University Health and Safety Committee

The University Health & Safety Committee was formed by the Campus Administration to ensure the health and safety of all university employees.  The Committee meets monthly to review campus policies and make recommendations to the Administration.

Institutional BioSafety Committee

The use of biological hazards in an unsafe manner has the potential to result in accidental exposures to university personnel, liability and public relation issues for the university, and in some cases community outbreaks of disease.  In recognition of the necessity for conducting research utilizing potentially hazardous biological materials in a safe and secure manner, the OSU Institutional Biosafety Committee reviews biohazardous work conducted for any purpose by OSU personnel or in any OSU facility.  The Institutional Biosafety Committee has full authority to impose containment requirements or procedural safeguards, audit programs, and inspect facilities to ensure that biohazards are handled, used, and disposed of in a safe and compliant manner.

Chemical Safety 

Also under the umbrella of Environmental Health & Safety, the responsibilities of this committee include:

Chemical Carcinogen Program
Chemical Inventory
Mercury Thermometer reduction
Hazardous Waste Program review

Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety group is charged with enforcement of all written directives of the OSU Radiation Safety Committee. Contact Radiation Safety personnel regarding services to researchers, laboratories and facilities using radioactive materials, ionizing radiation producing equipment, and lasers