EH&S created a new Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) for OSU, as well as a Lab-specific CHP (LCHP) Template to aid Principal Investigators (PIs) in developing their own CHP.  Each lab is required by OSHA to have a lab-specific CHP. A university-wide or departmental CHP is not sufficient to meet OSHA’s requirement that each PI/lab create and maintain an up to date LCHP for their research program. Links to the CHP and the LCHP template: 

Laboratory-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan Template

Lab Safety Resources Binder

The Lab Safety Resources Binder (LSRB) is designed to be an off-the-shelf health and safety program that a PI can implement in their lab.  It’s particularly useful for helping ensure employees are trained adequately and that training is properly documented. It is available as an online version and in paper form. It should be used in conjunction with the LCHP and lab safety assessment form.

Link to the online LSRB version:

Contact Cindy Fisher to get a paper and binder version of the document.

Lab Safety Assessment

This form is a self-assessment for laboratory safety and should be used at least once a year. The items listed on the form are often targeted areas during the annual Fire and Life Safety inspection and review.