Husbandry and Technical Support

The AAHL staff is responsible for providing facility wide animal husbandry/life support services on a rechargeable basis. They supervise and perform the routine health care, husbandry and maintenance work to support a wide variety of aquatic research animals. If requested, AAHL staff can assist researchers with pathogen culture, breeding, rearing, disease treatments, tagging and sampling.

sdl servicesFeed

Included in tank rental fees is the supply and storage of fish feed. For salmonids, the AAHL uses BioOregon fish feed pellets.

Custom Tank Solutions

Expert staff is available to discuss aspects of experimental design such as tank sizes and quantities, tank configuration, flow rates, densities and temperature regimes. An on site work/tool shop houses hand and power tools allowing staff and/or researchers to fabricate and plumb experimental set ups and maintain critical process equipment.


The group assures all IACUC, AAALAC, ODFW and DEQ requirements are met and can assist with fish acquisition, transport permitting, invasive species permitting, Animal Care and Use Proposal (ACUP) preparation, Institutional Biosafety requirements, training. The AAHL participates in institutional, state and national inspections and is responsible for implementing all applicable requirements to assure facility wide compliance.

Refer to our Aquatic Animal Health Lab Manual for more details on different levels of service and support. Contact Ruth Milston-Clements or Dr Jerri Bartholomew to discuss your project needs.