The Indoor Experimental Area currently has 128 one hundred-liter tanks, 120 twenty-five liter tanks, and 18 thirty gallon aquaria for zebrafish research. 

Heated or chilled well water or river water options are available. The area has a flexible design and tanks can be configured to suit researchers’ needs in terms of size, position and flow rates. Tanks can also be configured to be re-circulating or static aquaria if required. 

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Refer to our rates for details on tank rental or contact Ruth Milston-Clements or Dr Jerri Bartholomew to discuss your project needs. 


Peace of Mind:  Back-Up Systems and Redundancy

All critical systems at the AAHL such as well pumps, low water sensors, power failure, aeration blowers, chlorine levels, water pressure and water temperature are monitored around the clock by an alarm program. The program notifies OSU alarm and safety dispatch if any system is outside of specifications.  OSU dispatch has a list of key site personnel, and automatically contacts them in the event of any problems.

All major mechanical and electrical systems (such as well pumps, aeration blowers, chlorine pumps, pressure pumps, pneumatic control compressors etc.) have backups. Should the primary system fail, the back up will automatically take over operation.

A backup diesel generator with an automated start-up powers all critical equipment in the event of a power failure.