Water Supply:

Two 38ft deep well pumps provide the lab with continuous flow through well water at 12.8° C.  Continuous aeration is provided as a back up and the facility utilizes a natural photoperiod.

Heated and Chilled Water:

Temperature units can be programmed to deliver heated water from 13-28° C, making this laboratory well positioned for studies on the effect of climate change on aquatic organisms.  Temperature controls can also be programmed to replicate diurnal temperature fluctuations, allowing researchers to closely emulate natural conditions. Each tank can draw water from a choice of up to 4 different temperature sources providing flexibility in experimental design.

River Water:

River water drawn from the adjacent Willamette river is also available for use and can be UV treated. This resource can provide researchers with an ideal means to model natural conditions. It is can also be used to provide the required nutrients to invertebrate hosts of specific pathogens.


Refer to our rates for details on tank rental or contact

Ruth Milston-Clements or Dr Jerri Bartholomew to discuss your project needs.